3 Dominating Online Marketing Trends of 2019

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As a marketer, it is important to stay abreast of all the arising trends in your niche market. The same can be said for online marketing itself. Here are 3 dominating online marketing trends of 2019! Online Ad Tools - 3 Dominating Online Marketing Trends of 2019

Along with the arrival of this New Year, there are countless challenges and goals to be met, and it can be confusing to know what direction to take when it comes to embarking on a marketing trend. In this article, we cover the most relevant and dominant trends that will have the most impact on the market and the strategies that should be followed to put them into practice.

Taking a closer look at voice search

Slowly but surely, we have become a wireless society, and that means that the vast majority of our online inquiries are being made through our mobile devices. When we point to mobile devices we do not only refer to our cell phones, but we also cover the wide range of virtual assistants such as Alexa, Google Home or Apple Homepod.

The virtual assistants for the home seemed something out of a science fiction movie ten years ago, but thanks to the evolution of voice-guided search technology this is possible today. According to some studies, half of the searches carried out online will be accomplished by voice commands by the year 2020.

It goes without saying, that this technology has a tremendous effect on digital marketing. This changes the algorithm used to do online searches since people speak differently than they type. It is time to adapt to the new search patterns that will be more oriented to the way we talk.

For example, if you are looking for a place to eat sushi you can say: “Where can I eat sushi?” instead of typing: “Where can I eat sushi in Manhattan”. This means that the virtual assistant will come up with an answer based on your google maps location. It becomes vital to include the google map location of your commerce in your website or you will be left out from these searches.

Taking into account the social media sentiment

Instagram has passed in recent months through a crisis of lack of confidence in the strategies that use influencers to boost the recognition of a specific brand. Not long ago this was the most used strategy, but thanks to a number of scandals involving high-profile influencers, people have lost faith in these tactics.

But this does not mean strategies designed to be driven by influencers are dead. All you need is a new approach and a set of instruments that allow you to put aside all the negativity of these conflicts. One tool to balance the equation is the sentiment analysis. This technology can determine when an online comment is positive, negative or neutral.

There used to be a problem with this technology since I could not effectively recognize the use of sarcasm or irony, but the technology has managed to adapt and the issue is now a thing of the past. There are already many applications that can recognize the ironic comments and label them as negative.

Normally you do not want comments with a negative sentiment attached to your brand unless that is part of a campaign strategy that is being monitored closely to measure the impact. The right tools will allow you to know exactly the number of mentions and reposts in your social network.

Use a Chatbot

Nobody likes to wait for hours to receive a response from a website. Everyone wants an immediate response, and know they are being taken care of. An option that can solve this problem and keep the possible client interested is the implementation of a chatbot.

These programs are really easy to customize to your business needs. The most important thing is to keep the potential customer on the website, so the chatbot can be programmed to fulfill several tasks. If your website doesn’t include a chat option you can put the chatbot attached to your Facebook messenger.

Summing-up on Digital Marketing for 2019

The new technologies are advancing rapidly and we are getting closer to marketing directed to specific niches. A personalized advertising experience seems to be around the corner, but we must adapt and correctly use the scientific knowledge to our advantage.

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