Shutterstock's 2018 Creative Trends: What You Should Know

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Here's the quick rundown of Shutterstock's 2018 Creative Trends! Online Ad Tools - Shutterstock's 2018 Creative Trends: What You Should Know

After crunching the numbers from analyzing billions of image, footage, and music searches, Shutterstock has finally come out with this year's Creative Trends! There are 11 different styles that Shutterstock has determined to already be trending or just about to start trending within the span of the year.

Like all previous years, creative professionals can learn a lot from the insights that Shutterstock has to present, which they can then implement in their design choices, allowing their art to be more relevant to the society and trends (naturally) of today. Let's take a look!

#1 Fantasy

A major trend that hasn't really been let off the spotlight for quite a while, Fantasy is a style that people will never tire of. However, for 2018, the focus of this trend is surprisingly more inclined towards Unicorns and Mermaids rather than the high fantasy works of Lord of the Rings or the gritty medieval-fantasy style that Game of Thrones has.

#2 New Minimalism

Surely you have heard of the term "Minimalism"... well, now it's a newer and hence, much better version of it that's going to be a really massive creative trend in 2018. Favoring crisp lines as well as simple and "clean" art, this style is really growing in two main forms - the fan-favorite Continuous Line whereby the elaborate art is made using only a single, continuous line; and the new contender, Neon Circle which is basically art made from neon circles with bright and concentrated colors.

#3 Space

With Star Wars being as popular as ever, along with the return of other Sci-Fi favorites like Blade Runner and Star Trek and the emergence of new ones such as Stranger Things and Black Mirror, "Space" is truly a major creative trend that will never get old... ever. In this year though, the specific Space-themed trends that creative people should look out for are "Solar", "Astro" and "Synthwave Sound".

#4 Natural Luxury

The Natural Luxury style is a style that modifies natural patterns that precious gems and stones have to create even more elaborate and fancier patterns with a unique marbelized effect. Shutterstock has noted an increase of interest in the beautiful swirls of marble and the fiery scratch-like lines of agate.

#5 Pastels

Pastels often consist of bold and punchy colors, and invoke a certain sense of nostalgia. The pastel style of "Blue Candy" is particularly trendy this year, but of course, you are free to combine this trend with other trends to come up with something that works... like pastel minimalism, maybe.

#6 A Global March

2018 is a year where people exercise their right to protest; their right to make their voices heard through peaceful demonstration and as such, these powerful and emotionally-charged have made their way into the creative industry, influencing the trends of today. Shutterstock found that searches for "International Women’s Day" went up significantly while "activism" saw a pretty huge increase as well.

Creative Trend number 7: Cactus

Credits to Shutterstock

#7 Cactus

These prickly plants have always embodied the resilience of nature in somewhere as inhospitable as the desert, and this year, its popularity has seen a pretty high increase. This may indicate a surge of interest in desert culture and what this culture means to people as a whole.

#8 Digital Crafts

The digital versions of the traditional paper and fabric-centric crafts, such as embroidery, origami, and paper art are seeing a rise in popularity in 2018. More and more traditionally physical forms of arts and craft will slowly be interpreted into various digital forms as the year advances as well.

#9 Ancient Geometrics

Ancient Geometrics often have fanciful and very elaborate patterns that are both spiritual and mathematical in nature. Arisen from various cultures, these styles successfully combines the precision of modern math and the feeling of zen that comes from achieving a sort of spiritual enlightenment. This year, these intricate styles have seen one of the largest increase interest, particularly "arabesque" which has seen an increase of 8,536%. This trend is definitely one to watch!

#10 Cryptocurrency

The rapid rise of cryptocurrency is only matched by the equally sudden interest in it as these currencies smashed milestones and records, making early adopters millionaires apparently within moments. As such, it is only natural for searches that center around this topic to spike. However, cryptocurrency isn't going away anytime soon, and it's wise to keep a close eye.

#11 Holographic Foil

Last but not least, Shutterstock has named Holographic Foil a style that's "one to watch". Featuring colors and designs that are "retro" in every sense and way, this style includes the vaporwave or designs that use a lot of highlights. Sometimes, trends bring styles from "way back when" back into the "now" and rejuvenated Holographic Foil style is this year's "now".

Infographic: 2018 Creative Trends
Via The Shutterstock Blog.

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