Staying Relevant with Online Marketing

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Small businesses can stay relevant, especially with the younger folks, with some online marketing, and here are some tips on how you can start. Online Ad Tools - Staying Relevant with Online Marketing

This is the age of online marketing, and you already know its importance. If your business is a small one and you cannot dish out a healthy chunk of money for marketing purposes, do not worry. online marketing will take the pain of traditional marketing away from your thoughts and provide a seamless experience. It would also put you on the global map if done correctly. Online marketing doesn’t only mean signing up for social media sites and share posts! It is a lot of work, but once you do it correctly, your business will grow.

#1 Understand Your Audience

The first step towards any kind of marketing is understanding your audience. The people your business will cater to. You must ask yourself a series of questions. Suppose you have a themed cafe that you want everyone to know. You must ask yourself the people that might come to your cafe. If you cannot make up your mind with the help of charts and statistics, hire a statistician or get expert help into pushing your business idea.

#2 Social Media

After you have understood your target audience, it’s now time to create a great social media profile for others to like and share. Let’s face it, almost 70% of the world is internet literate now, and if your business caters to people globally, you can ensure it will grow. Target the people who are on the internet. There are a lot of social media platforms on which you can advertise. Make profiles only on the relevant ones. A lot of companies have taken to Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, Facebook, Google+, YouTube and even SnapChat. A lot of people are on these places and they would help you in taking your idea forward.

Social media is a tough act to follow. Your first approach should be to make a page on facebook and add circles, people and pages that corresponds to your business idea. What else? You can also share relevant posts to get some attention. You have to do some background work though, but more on that later. Your second step would be to get a QR code made for your company. Sharing this QR code on different websites would guarantee you feedback.

#3 Consistency

Even if you don’t see any real progress, be consistent. Post on social media everyday and do your best to share, like and comment on things. Don’t just use your social media accounts for promotional purposes. Make it engaging. Engage with potential customers, ask their likes and dislikes. You may also ask for marketing ideas and feedback. Sometimes, your customers may not want to see your work through your posts.

For that reason you must mix and match things people want to see. It’s all a matter of making the horse remain thirsty after drawing it close to the river. The horse here refers to your potential customers. Engage with your customers. Answer their queries, solve their problems, give an audience to their needs and you will have a good flow of customers.

#4 Mobile Technology

A lot of internet users are smartphone based. If you have a website, make sure it is mobile friendly. If you want a better approach to mobile business, you may take the help of an android or an iOS app. Make your website completely interactive and visible on the smartphone. On the website, do post links to your Facebook, Twitter, and other social media handles.

#5 Content

Content generates the most traffic after social media. Online marketing is all about generating traffic. If you have ample amounts of time, write engaging contents about your business. Don’t just write monotonous pieces. Mix humor, dedication, passion and future promises in your writing. Or, if you think content writing isn’t for you, you can hire professionals to do the same. These articles generate leads and these leads generate traffic for your website. Content doesn’t only refer to lines and lines of text.

Pictures and graphics draw more attention than letters. Mix in beautiful pictures in your content and people would look into it, no matter what your business is on. If you are opting for automatic mailers, craft emails for target audience. Through the usage of infographics, graphical elements and pictures, let them know about your business and upcoming sales, if any. Get them involved in a participation programme and see your business sprout wings of profit.

#6 Pay-Per-Click Ads

If you think marketing isn’t for you, then you may just make the use of ads to get yourself known to the world. The ads work best with lead generating websites and articles, so be sure to link up many websites of your business with hot keywords in your articles. Once you pay for an ad service, your ads would pop up once a user searches for business types similar to yours.

Online marketing is the norm now. If you have taken to online marketing, you would know that the first baby steps are hard. After the still phase, things become really fast. It takes only 3 seconds to plant an idea into someone’s mind. For internet users, their mind is on the internet, and planting ideas through online marketing is as easy as ever.

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