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Online ad tools that offer software to help online marketers manage their company's social media accounts as well as provide other useful tools such as username search.


KnowEm If you want to build an online brand, you need more than a website. You also require a strong presence across social media networks and create a unified identity and voice. This is what KnowEm does. 10 rate


Buffer Track and increase your audience's engagement by using this very simple but powerful and practical social media management platform called Buffer. 10 rate


Tweetdeck Use Tweetdeck to enhance your engagement and brand awareness on one of the biggest social media platforms by keeping up on trends, scheduling posts, and managing a team. 9 rate Curate and manage your content for various social media accounts in one place. Create an account in 9 rate


Hootsuite When what you need is more than to manage your social media profiles but ultimately build a strong, reputable, and engaging brand, you need the right platform for that. It’s called Hootsuite. 10 rate

Social Oomph

Social Oomph Social Oomph is a social media management platform that gives you the boost you need not only regarding followers but also conversion. It is rich with features that make account management across multiple popular platforms easy, convenient, and quick. 9 rate

Sprout Social

Sprout Social Maximize social media, learn the best strategies to build a brand, and weigh in your marketing efforts more easily and quickly with an amazing easy-to-use platform called Sprout Social. It’s one of the ideal social media management tools for novice digital marketers. 10 rate


Jumplead Launching and managing an online marketing campaign is difficult, but having no idea how it’s going is even more challenging and can spell the downfall of your small business. Jumplead is a more streamlined version of the many automation platforms in the market as it focuses only on the two important things in any marketing campaign: leads and performance. - rate

Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg Crazy Egg is a behavior analytics tool catered towards marketers, product managers, and content developers. With the use of heatmaps, surveys, and session recordings, you can know how visitors perceive and move on your website. Crazy Egg is a robust option to consider if you'd like to improve your website. - rate


MeetEdgar MeetEdgar is a social media scheduling tool developed after its founder, Laura Roeder, realized there wasn’t any application capable of doing what she manually had to do in order to implement some of her best social media marketing strategies, which revolved around recycling content by managing complex schedules. - rate


Promorepublic Promorepublic offers a unique social media management tool that will help you put on automatic pilot your strategies and produce their content. People often waste lots of time doing stuff that can be automated and the goal of this company is to give you that time back to use where you really shine. - rate

Social Report

Social Report Social Report is an American-based social media managing platform with lots of features that stands out among the competition when compared to other apps of its kind. If you are a newcomer influencer or want to expand your company’s reach on social media, Social Report is the best choice for you. - rate


Tailwind Tailwind is a top-leading Pinterest and Instagram free post scheduling tool that allows users to post and analyze each post’s performance in an easy-to-use interface. If you are a business owner or an individual looking to start your own brand, Tailwind is the way to go. - rate is a social media intelligence web platform which provides insights to help you grow your community and boost your impact. It features a set of tools to start a game plan to improve your target audience or improve your posts’ effectiveness. - rate

Social Searcher

Social Searcher Social Searcher is a German-based real-time social media analysis and monitoring application that focus on digital marketing. If you are an entrepreneur who needs to create digital strategies knowing your market, Social Searcher is what suits you. - rate

Featured Ad Tools

MouseFlow MouseFlow MouseFlow helps you visualize your visitors’ activity on your website via comprehensive heatmaps that you’ll then be able to use to improve the user-friendliness of your site and remove any possible “pain points” that may turn potential customers away from going through with a purchase. TinyURL TinyURL Cut down any URL’s you need to appear better in emails, blogs and more with a simple and free tool. Instant Domain Search Instant Domain Search Take a look to see if the domain you want is available in a secure environment, and then jump straight in to purchase it with a discount from the website. Netfirms Netfirms Netfirms is one of the top leading web hosting service providers in the world, with services catered not only towards the small and medium-sized companies but individuals and aspiring marketers as well. If you are looking for a reliable web-tool to create and host your site, Netfirms is for you. Preview Popper Preview Popper Preview your site’s landing page or pop-up offer from the visitor’s perspective with this nifty little tool, the Preview Popper. One Hour Translation One Hour Translation Get your content translated into any language you want within just one hour.


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