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Alertra 10 rate Alertra monitors your website or app 24/7 and notifies you if your site is down through SMS or a phone call. The tool is quite handy for online businesses. Visit Website Similar Tools Tested Post a Review

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Alertra monitors your website or app 24/7 and notifies you if your site is down through SMS or a phone call. The tool is quite handy for online businesses.


Alertra uses Synapse to monitor your website or application. It works in the following order. First, Alertra pings your server to check if it’s up and running. It sends a tiny TCP SYN packet to the server and if the server does not respond, a full protocol check is initiated from Alertra’s monitoring stations.

Full Protocol Check involves a RFC-compliant protocol test on the server at the frequency selected by the user (1 to 60 minutes). Alertra’s wide spread monitoring stations check the server until a problem is detected.

If a monitoring station shows that the server is down, Alertra confirms the results from two more monitoring station just to make sure if your site is really down. After that, you can receive a notification via SMS, phone call, email or Google Talk. You can also manage the time and frequency of these alerts.

Alertra never caches DNS. This makes sure that the monitoring checkups are all fresh and latest ones. Any protocol can be monitored through Alertra including HTTP, DNS, SMTP, POP3 etc. Alertra also offers advanced monitoring including login, web transactions and end-to-end emails etc. through a custom script. Maintenance of your site can be scheduled as well. Moreover, you have the freedom to start or stop maintenance anytime you want.

Alertra not only alerts you when your site is down, it also tell you the reason behind it. It breaks the HTTP response DNS lookup time, SSL handshake time (if present); socket connect time, time-to-first-byte (TTFB) and time-to-last-byte (TTLB).

Packet Capture feature allows you to download and examine the monitoring data of every component separately.
Tags allow you to control and manage the monitoring of your website efficiently. Webhooks feature makes sure that your site is always up and running. This is done by using an external API to switch your DNS to a backup site. After that, the event is logged to an external log file for you to examine.

With Alertra Rest API’s the user can go for automatic maintenance in which Alertra starts monitoring your website as soon as the server is up again, saving you from the notifications hassle. You can also check uptime statistics and get check data.

User Experience

Alertra is a great tool for all kinds of online businesses. The tool is user-friendly and the data is displayed in a well-organized manner. Moreover, the notifications received are elaborate and concise, making your experience easy.


Alertra can be used for free for a 30 day trial for which you don’t have to provide your credit information. Alertra price plan is as follows based on the type of notifications

• IOS/Android push, Email, Google Talk are all free
• Phone Call for 0.29$
• SMS for 0.19$
The minimum monthly fee is 9.95$.


Alertra is a great tool for online businesses. The customer never sleeps and your site needs to be always up and running for him. Alertra notifies you about the server failure of your website efficiently. The way Alertra fixes the site servers is quite effective.

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Jan 12, 2016
Alertra monitors your website or app 24/7 and notifies you if your site is down through SMS or a phone call. The tool is quite handy for online businesses. Alertra Read More
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