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Starting and tracking an e-mail marketing campaign has never been this easy with Autopilot HQ. In less than 30 minutes, you can already send your first e-mail!


E-mail marketing is effective, but it’s not easy. If you do it wrong, and you run the risk of wasting your marketing budget, not to mention ruining your reputation among your subscribers. Fortunately, you can avoid that with a nifty tool called Autopilot HQ.

Autopilot HQ is the simplified version of most e-mail marketing platforms out there. It’s easy to understand and quick to use, thanks to its well-labeled triggers, actions, and other buttons and menus. It also has several handy features.

Top on the list is the journey, which is actually its term for a workflow. If you’re familiar with creating workflows, then your learning curve with this one should be short. With the journey, you can develop and track e-mail campaigns, submitted forms, and subscribers. You can send messages to e-mails, mobile phones, and Slack, among others.

The platform doesn’t allow you to preview your e-mail, but you can test it. You can also customize it in terms of market segments and time of delivery (you can delay or send an e-mail according to your international market’s time zone). You can also boot certain contacts depending on their response to your campaign, although you can always re-introduce them at any point of the journey.

When you want to know the status of your campaigns, you can generate reports. It also offers tools such as Proactive, which is helpful in converting anonymous visitors to leads for your website. You can get tracking codes for your website and other pages, as well as apps, and sync it to Salesforce. When you’re in doubt if you’re doing the right thing or your journey is ideal, you can have the Autopilot team review it.

User Experience

Autopilot HQ can look intimidating with its many colorful buttons on the right-hand side and more menus on the left. However, using it is pretty quick. You begin with a short but useful tutorial where you upload your contacts, draft your e-mail, send it, and then deliver an SMS to your subscribers. That’s it! The e-mail section has a beautifully designed editor that works like a standard word processor (although you need to disable Grammarly to use it properly). You can customize the entire look of the e-mail, as well as its other parts such as To and From sections, as well as e-mails and subject quickly.

The challenge is how to use the buttons on the right. You might be tempted to click on them, hoping they’ll pop up, but they don’t work that way. It actually works like a workflow where you move those buttons into your canvas and create a journey yourself. You can save your guide for efficiency.

It can also get confusing once you click the menus on the left. Although you can bring up your dashboard and reports, it’s difficult to get back to your canvas, where you can create your journeys. You won’t immediately know what to press.


Autopilot HQ has two plans: Basic and Business Class. Under the Base plan, you can create unlimited journeys, e-mails and heads-up and SMS, generate segments and reports, and integrate Slack and Zapier. For business class, can ask for journey reviews, perform A/B tests, access API for further customization, and integrate Salesforce.

You can pay both either yearly or monthly, although you can save 20 percent if you pay the former. The total price depends on the number of contacts. The platform also gives you a free trial, in which you can send up to 100 e-mails.


Autopilot HQ removes much of the burden of e-mail marketing, including planning your workflow, creating the e-mail, and monitoring it. Customizing it to fit your budget, needs, and campaigns is easy.

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by Milafel May 18, 2017
Starting and tracking an e-mail marketing campaign has never been this easy with Autopilot HQ. In less than 30 minutes, you can already send your first e-mail! AutopilotHQ Read More
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