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Brandwatch is a tool that helps you find out which people are talking about you on social media websites, giving you a better view of your approach.


Brandwatch allows you to take a look at what are the people discussing about you on social media websites. It can tell you about the conversations between people discussing your brand, trends on social media and the people that are impacting your business. The tool shows the number of females and males writing about you and their top interests.

The tool also monitors all kinds of social media websites for a mention that you want to know about. This tool covers almost 80 million online platforms, ensuring that you can never miss a mention about your business or any topic for that matter.

Brandwatch offers the measurement of ROI of your marketing strategies as well. It uses various graphs and demographic data to make it clear to you what the audience likes about your marketing strategies. You can also compare yourself with a competitor. Find out who is winning the race in marketing or mentions on the social web.

You can also keep your most unique and influencing authors under check with this tool. You can find out the number of their tweets, their positive, negative or neutral sentiments towards the desired topic, their impact, number of followers and genders.

Marketing research feature allows you to know your audience. Find out their genders, their interests and the country they reside in.

Reputation management allows you to find out whether your brand has a negative, positive or a neutral impact on social websites.

User Experience

The tool has a great interface and all data is organized in a suitable fashion. The data obtained is updated regularly and the support team is also customer friendly.


The tool offers 3 plans:
1. Pro plan – Includes 10,000 mentions/month, unlimited queries, 30 days historical data and 1 year data storage.
2. Enterprise M – Includes 1 million mentions/month, unlimited queries, historical data from 2010 and ongoing data storage.
3. Enterprise Q – Includes unlimited mentions, queries starting from 10, historical data from 2010 and ongoing data storage.

The pricing of these plans can only be revealed by contacting the support.


Knowing your audience and the impact your brand is making on social media is crucial for success. This is why Brandwatch is a necessary tool for brands who want to monitor their reputations on social media websites and make improvements in their strategies.

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New Ad Tool Added: Brandwatch

Apr 20, 2016
Brandwatch is a tool that helps you find out which people are talking about you on social media websites, giving you a better view of your approach. Brandwatch Read More
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