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BuiltWith 9 rate BuiltWith is a tool that tells you about all the websites that are using the technology that you are interested in. With this data, you can find out all about the website using that particular technology. Visit Website Similar Tools Tested Post a Review

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BuiltWith is a tool that tells you about all the websites that are using the technology that you are interested in. With this data, you can find out all about the website using that particular technology.


BuiltWith features a lead generation option that allows you to find new customers within 24 seconds. You have to type the domain and the leads will tell you about all the leads to that domain from all over the world. The tool allows you to customize and refine your search based on the amount of money a site spends on infrastructure, their location, traffic ranking, people working there, their emails and telephone numbers etc. You can also find out lists of sites based on a certain keyword and can predict the future leads to get a better idea about your future customers.
With the marketing analysis tool, you can search for all the sites that are using a particular technology.

You can choose between 14000+ technologies and can view data of the past 7 years. The tool shows the trends of every technology as well through a pie chart. Ecommerce volume trends can also be viewed with this feature based on the number of sales. You are able to see the trends of ecommerce all over the world and can get access to over 2 million global ecommerce stores. Marketing analysis also shows you if the customers are shifting from one technology to another.

Sales intelligence feature involves a website technology lookup that provides with a screenshot of an entire website including extensive historical information, registered contact information and a summary of paid-for technologies used on the website. The feature also allows you to get alerts whenever your customers or leads start using some technology within 24 hours.

You can find out if a technology is gaining or losing shares and see the lists of sites that moved from one competitor to another within a specific time period. Every week, the tool will notify you about the changes in the data because the tool analyzes millions of sites every day. Browsers like Chrome, Firefox and others have Builtwith widgets that can be used with ease to get any information about technology you want.

BuiltWith is famous for the extent of the data coverage it provides. This tool analyzes over quarter of a billion domains and uses the latest traffic sources to get the latest information about any domain.

The reports generated by Builtwith can be filtered to save time and to direct your searches. You can filter searches based on spending amount of companies, technology usage time, keywords, country or zip code, mobile optimization, different technology categories and blog activity.

BuiltWith offers some great features with Builtwith pro. These features include Meta data that contains company names, verticals, traffic ranking, telephone and emails, employee names and titles, addresses and URLs.

Technology matrix allows you to export a matrix of all the websites in your report and all the technologies that they are using. Technology shares involves list of all the increasing and falling shares of any technology. With Net New Leads, you can view only the latest sites that started using a particular technology, making it easier for you to manage your reports. Curated reports contain data about the top websites of the world, hence offering you an opportunity to learn from the best.

BuiltWith API allows you to access all the technology information in JSON and SML formats. Firehose API is useful for companies that want to analyze a huge number of sites in a matter of minutes. The tool works and presents the results in downloadable zip files. Trends API allows you to view all the technology trends in JSON and XMS format as well.

User Experience

BuiltWith is a great tool for a typical user. All you have to do is enter the technology you want to search and Builtwith will provide with a report in a matter of minutes. You can view the report easily and everything is organized efficiently in the report to make the user feel at ease with the interface. You can select any data from tabs listed above the reports, making the software easy to use.


Builtwith offers 3 plans.

1. Basic plan at 295$ that includes
• 2 technologies results
• 2 retail categories to choose
• 10 keyword reports
• Single system login

2. Pro plan at 495$ that includes
• Unlimited technologies to search
• Unlimited retail categories to filter through
• Unlimited keyword reports
• Single system login

3. Enterprise at 995$ that includes every option of Pro plan in addition to unlimited system logins.

All prices are monthly. For annual subscription, you can get first 2 months for free. The yearly prices for these plans are
• 2950$ for basic
• 4950$ for pro
• 9950$ for enterprise


Builtwith is a quite useful tool to find out the technologies that are trending or falling behind in the modern era. The tool gives you a detailed analysis of all the websites using a specific technology. There are a lot of categories of technologies to choose from and numerous options for filtering your search.

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New Ad Tool Added: BuiltWith

Jan 12, 2016
BuiltWith is a tool that tells you about all the websites that are using the technology that you are interested in. With this data, you can find out all about the website using that particular technology. BuiltWith Read More
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