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Ghost - rate Founded as a non-profit project for developing technology in 2013, Ghost is an open-source website-building platform that's geared towards online media and publications, making it the perfect platform for journalists, writers, and aspiring bloggers. Visit Website Similar Tools Tested Post a Review

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Founded as a non-profit project for developing technology in 2013, Ghost is a website-building platform catered towards journalists, writers, and aspiring bloggers to build updated and professional-looking online publications. If you want to start your online writing career with a professional approach right from the get-go, Ghost is a great option.


Ghost features a high-end editor filled with loads of content creation and managing tools. The editor’s full-screen option allows people to work without annoying panels popping out. The editor is perfect for writing, as its Markdown autocompletion features are available alongside smart links and lots of customizable cards for embedded images, links, and interactive cards.

Its site management features are used to create multi-pages in different languages and to reassure your brand’s logo on all pages. Ghost helps you build and manage an easy-to-use navigation board to grant your audience quicker, easier access to your site’s content. Link all your social media profiles to your site, activate redirect 301 and 302 protocols to old or broken links, hide your site when under construction, and set your webpage to a time zone that benefits your brand-customer interaction.

Customize links, excerpts, tags, featured posts, and RSS feeds with Ghost’s publishing features. The platform lets you scheduled every piece of content for a desired day and time you choose. Enjoy the templates and select one from the countless options pre-uploaded in the system. Its team management features allow users to send invitations and give permissions to other members to work in the same project with you.

Ghost’s integration features are a great option for importing and exporting content, as the platform is compatible with services and apps like Slack or Zapier. The platform also offers basic SEO features that are already pre-loaded to the system like automated Google Sitemaps and Meta information, working up to 20x times faster than other hosting companies.

User Experience

The editor is fairly intuitive and easy to use for people with little to no knowledge about web-creation. The options are self-explanatory and offer countless options to customize every aspect of the publication without any problem.

Ghost has a desktop app with all the features their web-platform comes with and an Android app with complete offline functionality, which allow you to keep working online to later update the changes once the internet connection gets back on.


Ghost has plans for all kinds of people from individuals to big companies. Although the prices vary from $29 to $2500 per month, every plan starts with a 14-free trial of the platform.

The Basic plan is perfect for bloggers and aspiring writers thanks to its fully automated system with CDN+SSL included, 2 staff members, 100K views per month, and email support.

Ghost’s Standard plan includes all the features the Basic plan comes with plus 500K views per month, 5 team members, priority support, and help to migrate from other hosts to the Ghost(Pro) platform. The plan is valued at $79 and offer more resources to manage any publication.

Its Business plan costs around $199 per month and includes everything the Standard plan has plus 1 million views per month, 15 staff users working with you, and 100% uptime SLA. On top of that, Ghost Enterprise offers two extra services for big companies who need more security and additional support.


If you are looking for a great host for your website, Ghost is a must-try platform just due to its built-in SEO features, easy-to-use interface, and nice-looking platform layout. Try it out and see if it fits your needs.

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by Justo Feb 19, 2022
Founded as a non-profit project for developing technology in 2013, Ghost is an open-source website-building platform that's geared towards online media and publications, making it the perfect platform for journalists, writers, and aspiring bloggers. Ghost Read More
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