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GoDaddy 9 rate Find the perfect domain for your online business with Find new domains in the market, hire a domain broker and much more with this handy tool. Visit Website Similar Tools Tested Post a Review

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Find the perfect domain for your online business with Find new domains in the market, hire a domain broker and much more with this handy tool.

Features helps you find a domain name that suits your business. You can search for any domain name that comes to your mind and the tool will simply display whether it’s up for grabs or not. The tool also offers similar options with their price tag so that you can find the closest domain name to the one you actually wanted. In the domain search, you can choose the character length, any extension you want, the price tag and premium domains to refine your search.

Bulk registration allows you to enter up to 500 domain names and select any top level domain (TLD) you want. You can save quite a lot if you register multiple domains simultaneously.

You can find new domains based on the category you want. GoDaddy allows you to choose among 19 categories like sports, entertainment, business etc. It covers all kinds of domains and you can never miss out on any new available one.

GoDaddy also offers a pre-registration offer so that you can get your hands on any domain you want in today’s fierce competition. You can either register for the domain before it’s even available or you can pay a premium to get a pre-registration and increase your chances of getting that domain. As a trademark owner, you can also go for pre-registration before other companies by presenting a Proof of Trademark to GoDaddy.

With GoDaddy, you can also hire domain brokers. These brokers will get you any domain you want even if it’s already been bought. The broker sets up a deal between you and the seller and tries to negotiate as much as he can. This way, you can get your domain under the required budget even if it has been sold to someone else.

You can also connect your own domain with any social media account you have.Whether its Facebook, Tumblr, Linkedin or Twitter, GoDaddy will connect you with your account.

User Experience

GoDaddy is a user-friendly tool that can be used by anyone looking to buy or sell a domain. The payment methods are fast and easy and the interface is great from the user’s perspective. All the domain searches are listed under one tab and can be refined with numerous customization options, giving the user full control over the search.


GoDaddy features an auction for selling or buying a domain. You can get an annual membership for 3.52 euros which allows you to bid on any domain you like and purchase it.

You can also list your domains for sale in the GoDaddy auction option. This allows you to accept offers, set a Buy-Now price and start a 7-day public auction. Godaddy keeps the commission from your sales as follows

• 20% (minimum 11 euros) if domain sold for 0-3526 euros
• 705 euros + 15% of amount over 3526 euros if domain sold for 3527-17632 euros
• 2821 euros + 10% of amount over 17632 euros if domain sold for more than 17632 euros


GoDaddy is a handy tool for people looking for the perfect domain to kick start their online businesses. Domain matters a lot and GoDaddy offers a suitable option for your domain. You can search for domains yourself and can also negotiate sellers to buy a domain that fits your budget.

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Jan 12, 2016
Find the perfect domain for your online business with Find new domains in the market, hire a domain broker and much more with this handy tool. GoDaddy Read More
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