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Hootsuite 10 rate When what you need is more than to manage your social media profiles but ultimately build a strong, reputable, and engaging brand, you need the right platform for that. It’s called Hootsuite. Visit Website Similar Tools Tested Post a Review

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When what you need is more than to manage your social media profiles but ultimately build a strong, reputable, and engaging brand, you need the right platform for that. It’s called Hootsuite.


Hootsuite was created at a time when there’s no social media management tool available. Today, there are quite a few amazing choices, but what makes it so different from all the others is the fact it doesn’t stop from helping you manage these accounts. With it, you can do so much more, allowing you to increase your engagement, bring your brand closer to your target audience, and ultimately boost your customer conversion and retention. Some of the features that can help you with that include:

Social media management features
The most significant tool under social media management will be Publisher since this is the one that helps you plan, execute, and schedule posts. Under this, you can make drafts and – perhaps one of the best features – approve and reject posts. You can create new content or use those found in RSS feeds or suggestions.

Engagement features – These are basically tools designed to increase your engagement level, attract more people to visit and follow your social media, and hopefully make it easy for you to convert them to customers later on. One of the most important is keywords suggestions. This allows you to keep track of trends (in terms of news or information) of your selected keyword or topic. From this data, you can create or share content that your followers would potentially like and share as well. You can also organize competitions, sweepstakes, and a whole lot of other campaigns in your social media. This way, you learn to develop variety.

Collaboration features – Hootsuite is a scalable platform, so much so as your business grows, you have the opportunity to collaborate in managing your company’s social media accounts. The features you can use are Contacts, where you can add more users, and a slew of apps such as Dropbox and Google Drive. There’s also Assignments, where you can make a team and assign or stream messages to the members.

Analytics – Hootsuite also performs analytics to assist you in monitoring your social media campaigns and events. You can create individual reports or collate them. These reports are easy to print or download and e-mailed to concerned parties.

User Experience

Despite the various tools and menus in Hootsuite, it’s incredibly easy to use. Navigation is very smooth, and learning each of the tools is quick. Perhaps the ease comes from the design itself: all tools are found on the left side while most of the dashboard interface is dedicated to performing actions like creating and scheduling posts, accessing apps, developing reports, etc.


Hootsuite has two general types of plans: free and premium. Under premium plans, there are four options, the choice of which is more likely dependent on the number of users. The price for each, meanwhile, depends on whether you’ll be paying monthly or annually:

• Professional (one user; price: $9.99/month billed annually or $14.99/month billed monthly)
• Team (up to 5 users; price: $34.99/month billed annually or $49.99/month billed monthly)
• Business (starting at 5 users; price: $99.99/month billed annually)
• Enterprise (custom team and pricing)

In its most basic premium plan, you can enjoy up to 10 social media profiles, real-time analytics, auto scheduling, unlimited content suggestions, social sweepstakes, and unlimited RSS integrations.

When you upgrade to Team, you can take advantage of 1-on-1 training for 15 minutes, customize URLs, schedule bulk content, customize your analytic views, build up to 20 social media profiles, and do team assignments.

When you choose Business, you can now participate in a more extended training, receive priority customer support 24/7, receive certifications, and integrate as many apps as you like (although you can buy apps individually under a free account).

If you want to go Enterprise, Hootsuite will customize features and tools according to your business needs. Professional and Team plans include a free 30-day trial while you can request a demo for Business and Enterprise.


Hootsuite is a beautiful, highly functional collaborative platform that doesn’t just help you manage social media: it is truly intended to make your brand get the introduction it needs and grow through customer-driven engagements.

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by Milafel Dec 16, 2016
When what you need is more than to manage your social media profiles but ultimately build a strong, reputable, and engaging brand, you need the right platform for that. It’s called Hootsuite. Hootsuite Read More
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