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Get cool icons for your website or business and make it look more appealing to your visitors.


Icon Finder is a great platform that lets you browse through different icons and icon sets, so you could choose the perfect icon that fits your needs and perfectly portrays the business you have.

There are a lot of icon designs to choose from on Icon Finder. They are all neatly assigned to the many categories available on the site, such as animals, desktop apps, security, mobile apps, social media and many more. You can choose among the free icon sets, or buy some of the the premium ones depending on your budget.

You can also select a designer that you like, and follow him or her to stay up to date with all the new icons the designer has to offer. Icon Finder even allows you to order your own custom icons through its site.

For designers looking for some extra work, you can join Icon Finder and set up your own virtual stall in the website’s rather huge marketplace. You can create icons and upload them on Icon Finder for potential buyers to find. For each sale you make, Icon Finder keeps 30 percent and gives the rest of the 70 percent to you. It’s a pretty sweet deal indeed!

On Icon Finder, you’ll have your own dashboard and a profile page that you can edit anytime you want. You can manage all your sales from your profile efficiently with minimal hassle.

User Experience

This is a user friendly site with a cool interface that is very easy to navigate. The process of buying and obtaining an icon set that you need is also painless. In fact, even ordering a custom icon set on Icon Finder can be a pretty easy process.

Firstly, you will have to fill out a short form, explaining the concept of the design you want your icons to be based on. After that, the Icon Finder manager will find the most suitable designers for you. You can then choose to hire any one of them, and the designer will start working on your icons. At the end, all you will have to do is to approve the final design of the icon, and Icon Finder will handle the transfer of payments to the designer for you.


You can get free icon sets, and also upload your icons to be sold for free. For people with a lot more budget on their hands and would like to get something more unique, Icon Finder offers icons and icon sets at great prices. Different icon sets will have different rates depending on the designer who made them, the number of icons you’ll get in the bundle, as well as how good a quality the icons are. You can get featured icon designs at discounted prices too.


The Icon Finder is a great website that you can use to obtain some really nice icons in order to enhance the look of your website. With plenty of unique and attractive icons available, you’ll definitely be able to find the icons you need easily. If not, there are designers that you can hire to create custom icons for you too. All in all, Icon Finder is the go-to website if you need anything icon-related, that’s for sure!

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New Ad Tool Added: Icon Finder

Dec 29, 2015
Get cool icons for your website or business and make it look more appealing to your visitors. Icon Finder Read More
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