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iSpionage 9 rate Are you confused how your competitor can beat you in online marketing? You don’t have to wonder anymore as there’s already a platform to help you: iSpionage. Visit Website Similar Tools Tested Post a Review

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Are you confused how your competitor can beat you in online marketing? You don’t have to wonder anymore as there’s already a platform to help you: iSpionage.


Anybody who’s done or is doing online marketing perfectly understands the importance of search engine optimization (SEO). Websites that appear at the top are clicked the most, increasing brand awareness, engagement, and, most especially, lead conversion or sales.

Getting to the top, however, is another story. Aside from tough competition among millions of similar competitor websites, you also have to deal with your competitors’ marketing strategies, which can be a lot better than yours. While many factors can affect the success of online marketing tactics, particularly of SEO, one of the most critical is the choice of keywords.

This is where iSpionage comes in. The website touts itself as the best tool for analyzing keywords used by your competitor.

In your dashboard or interface, you can input the URL of your competition and indicate its location. Once you click Search, the website then generates a graphical data on many marketing components such as PPC keywords, ads, competitors, and organic keywords. The summary provides you with an overview of the collected data. You can also compare various competitor websites, including yours. This one is awesome since you can see what these websites have in common (e.g., what keywords are overlapping or who spends more in online advertising).

iSpionage also lets you see a detailed report on each of the components. For instance, if you click PPC keywords, the website lists down all the keywords used by the competitor, along with the words’ keyword effectiveness index (KEI), cost per click, average search volume, average position, and days seen. You will even know the number of ads that bear the keywords.

The website definitely gives you the information you require to get a clear analysis on the marketing strategies of your competitor. It will help you decide which keyword to buy, where to publish your ads, how to design your landing page, how to write your content, and even how much to spend for online advertising!

iSpionage also allows you to monitor your campaigns as well as attend its mastery courses, which are usually for free for a certain period once you’ve already upgraded your subscription.

User Experience

Despite the loads of data iSpionage comes up for you, it’s still incredible how the dashboard looks sleek and organized. Tabbing or grouping data according to marketing factors certainly helps. It’s so easy to move from one tab to another, while the summary is excellent in displaying overview for each of these marketing factors. The graph presentation adds to a quick understanding of statistical information.

There’s an issue, though, as to the types of websites it can analyze. It seems to have a difficulty displaying results of less-popular pages. But this is understandable since the website only collects, not creates, information, which may be stored in other databases. Simply put, if there’s no data available from outside sources, you also cannot see them in iSpionage.


iSpionage offers four main plans, which can be paid monthly or bi-annually (every six months). There’s no a year’s worth of subscription here. These plans are:

Basic: $29 per month, $24 per month (6 months)
Starter: $59 per month, $49 per month (6 months)
Professional: $99 per month, $74 per month (6 months)
Advanced: $299 per month, $149 per month (6 months)

Each plan is designed for specific users. For example, the Basic subscription is best for digital marketers while Advanced is great for agencies and businesses with at least $10,000 PPC budget.

All plans provide competitor research features while Weekly Campaign Watch features are exclusive for Professional and Advanced.

You can also join for free, but you’re limited to only 10 free competitive reports a day and 3 competitor alerts.


iSpionage is an amazing tool to obtain a broader and deeper understanding on the complex world of online marketing. It’s one of the best ways to learn how your competition fares and what marketing strategies seem to work at any given moment.

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New Ad Tool Added: iSpionage

by Milafel Dec 15, 2016
Are you confused how your competitor can beat you in online marketing? You don’t have to wonder anymore as there’s already a platform to help you: iSpionage. iSpionage Read More
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