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Klear 9 rate Klear helps you to monitor your social media accounts, find and create relationships, and competitively analyze your market landscape, potentially increasing the growth of your business. Visit Website Similar Tools Tested Post a Review

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Klear helps you to monitor your social media accounts, find and create relationships, and competitively analyze your market landscape, potentially increasing the growth of your business.


Klear.com is a social analytics tool that monitors your social media activity, allowing you to identify what’s working in your content strategy and what’s not. If you have a brand that you are promoting online, you can monitor it through Klear.com. The tool gives a demographic analysis of the mentions and the impressions that your brand has been making. You can also compare the social performance of your brand against two competitors of your choice. Moreover, the content analysis that Klear provides also include the number of replies, retweets, mentions, texts and links that your brand promotion has been getting online.

The Influencer Marketing feature shows all the people and companies that fit your search criteria. These records are provided by searching through 200 million profiles, 60,000 categories and over 5 years of historical data. You can choose between the types of people you want to search, the countries they reside in, and the skills that they are proficient at. The tool offers an in-depth analysis of the profiles of any influential people you want. Their responsiveness, popularity and activity on social media can be monitored. The tool also allows you to create a list of selected influencers if you are hoping to start a campaign or to create a list of contacts for future campaigns. The tool even calculates the impressions that your brand has been making on these influencers.

With Klear, you can choose which influencers to search for based on their skills or the field they work in. This allows you to have a better target audience and save time. Klear.com also provides an extensive analysis of your brand, including the dominant gender, top age groups, top country and top skills. You can search these results for any country you want. The tool creates reports that are professional and elegant, which can then be shared among your social assets to boast about your good marketing performances, as well.

Competitive analysis shows you a comparison between your brand and two other competitors of your choice. You can find out the influencers your competitors are working with and make improvements to your own brand to lure more influencers in. Content strategy can be improved and optimized based on these results, to give better prospects of success.

User Experience

Klear.com is a tool that is simple for everyone to use. The interface is simplistic and yet beautiful and elegant. The results and analysis are displayed in a well-organized manner that is easy to read and understand.


Klear.com offers 3 packages that are quite affordable.
1. Free – Sign up required
• Monitor and Reporting
• Influencer marketing includes Limited social profiles (up to 15 profile views per day) and 10 search results

2. Advanced – 249$/month
• Monitor and Report includes 5 Brands’ monitoring, 5 keywords’ monitoring and PDF reports
• Influencer Marketing includes Full social profiles, 50 search results and 50 lists quota

3. Ultimate – This package is tailored for you by the support

All payments can be conveniently done via PayPal or credit card. Annual plans are also available.


Klear.com is a tool for all those brand owners who want to expand their brands through social media. You can search for various influencers’ profiles and make contact with them when needed. Moreover, competitive comparison shows how your competitors are doing, hence, providing you with the insights you need to develop a better strategy that may increase the chances of your brands’ success.

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Feb 5, 2016
Klear helps you to monitor your social media accounts, find and create relationships, and competitively analyze your market landscape, potentially increasing the growth of your business. Klear Read More
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