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Mailigen - rate Mailigen by Pipedrive is a cloud-based integrated omnichannel marketing automation software and services platform for email, social media, and mobile. The company is notable among other marketing automation services for offering unlimited emails and other premium features for a reasonably affordable monthly subscription rate. Visit Website Similar Tools Tested Post a Review

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Mailigen by Pipedrive is a cloud-based integrated omnichannel marketing automation software and services platform for email, social media, and mobile. The company is notable among other marketing automation services for offering unlimited emails and other premium features for a reasonably affordable monthly subscription rate.


As a business or marketer, it’s always the goal to get the maximum ROI from each marketing campaign you run. But with so many different channels available—email, social media, SMS, MMS, and others—it can be a huge challenge to identify the right one to optimize for your next campaign. Plus, what works for one company may not be as effective for you, even if you’re in the same industry.

ROI among the channels varies significantly, with some data pointing out how one may have an advantage over another depending on the actions they elicit. For example, a study by McKinsey & Company revealed that email is surprisingly a significantly more effective way to acquire customers than social media (which people are seemingly exposed to more often). People who buy products marketed through email spend 138% more than those who do not receive email offers. On the other hand, some research also shows that SMS open rates are as high as 98% (compared to just 20% of all emails) with a 45% response rate. This is precisely why 65% of marketers say that SMS marketing is a “very effective” method for them.

That said, it is imperative that marketers maximize and optimize omnichannel marketing at every possible level, not just for one or two and marketing automation platforms like Mailigen provide all-encompassing solutions to increase customer engagement and, as a consequence, profits for your business just like high-profile companies who use Mailigen such as Bayer, Debenhams, Maxima, SEB, and thousands of other satisfied clients.

Visit and find a plethora of comprehensive but very affordable services that can help you reach your goals. Start off by watching an overview of the entire solution in the form of an introductory video by clicking on the “See a Demo” button on the landing page. You are then presented with a checklist of tasks to complete to launch your email marketing campaigns with them, including:

Unlimited Email Sending. Send as many emails as you want and as you need per month to your whole subscriber database (limitations apply according to certain list sizes).

Unlimited Sender Emails. Use different email sender names and email addresses to differentiate between your email newsletters and sales campaigns. Alternatively, you can manage different businesses from just one account.

Unlimited Account Users. Easily collaborate with your team, partners and outsourced advisers by enabling multiple users to login to the same account to do their jobs according to their relevant permission level. Each team member will be able to do and see only what they are supposed to - no distractions, no misunderstandings.

1GB Image & File Storage. Never worry about running out of storage space for your assets. Securely store your images and attachments for your email campaigns on Mailigen’s cloud servers.

Intelligent Email Builder using Mailigen’s unique Drag & Drop building block editor using 9 different content blocks (Title, Text, Image, Video, etc.) to bring all the pieces of an email together quickly and easily. Use their Email Preview to check how your campaign looks on mobile, tablet and desktop before sendout or use the Inbox Preview tool to see your email in more than 100 different email clients.

Free Email Template Gallery made up of 130 templates plus 5 basic layouts optimized for both email and mobile viewing. The Drag & Drop email editor lets you customize pre-selected templates in HTML and design mode. For more unique email messages, Mailigen also allows users to custom design templates in HTML with the added option of importing email templates into your account.

Dynamic Email Content. Personalize your email content dynamically based on gender, location, interests and whatever information you know about your customers.

Email Automation Options. Use Mailigen’s auto-responder to schedule messages to be sent at a later date or time. You can also auto-post email campaigns to social media, add several RSS feeds, or deliver up-to-date emails using XML feed.

Behavior-Based Automation. Send targeted email series based on your customer behavior or custom triggers. You can also include: IF opened or clicked conditions to make the most creative email marketing strategy come to life.

Campaign A/B Split Testing. Don't know which subject line works best or which button color to use? A/B split testing lets you create and send multiple messages of the same campaign while tweaking a few elements to see which version provides the best results. Mailigen split testing options also let you test aspects such as the subject line, sender’s name, email content, time or day of sending, and much more.

Custom Web Signup Forms. Create eye-catching, customized web signup forms (Hosted, Embedded, Pop-up, Lightbox/Exit Intent) that attract the attention of your website visitors and grow your contact list. Embed the form on your website or a share a link on social media.

List Reconfirm & Double Opt-In. Mailigen allows you to choose between a single opt-in or a double opt-in when signing up new customers. A double opt-in requires both a sign-up and a confirmation. The added step ensures you only add people who really want to hear from you to your list.

Grow and Manage Your Email List. Email addresses can be added to the list individually, via sign up forms, or imported in .CSV, .TXT and .XLS files. Mailigen automatically detects and corrects redundancy in your mailing list so that repeated emails will be deleted to minimize clutter that can muddle up your analytics.

Subscriber Segmentation & Cleanup. Segment your contacts by gender, device, country, opt-in method or activity – email opens, opt-ins, link clicks, etc. We will clean your list from undelivered or unsubscribed emails automatically. As an added benefit, Mailigen integrates with several CRM software systems so you can track clients across touch points.

Google Analytics Integration. Google Analytics helps you track email campaign conversions on your website and gives real evidence on the success of your email marketing.

Integrations & API Access. Easily integrate Mailigen with the tools you already use, like CRMs, blogs, and eCommerce platforms like Bigcommerce, WooCommerce, and Magento. Alternatively, you can use their open API to create custom integrations.

Custom Click Tracking Domain. Achieve full email message branding, by setting up your own custom domain to track clicks on an email link.

SMS Marketing. Reach your audience anywhere, anytime by sending text messages to more than 200 countries. Useful tools such as SMS audience segmentation, mobile marketing reports, as well as the integration of SMS campaigns with email marketing and Google Analytics are also made available.

Social Media Integration. Make information available to users who are not subscribed to your email list by connecting Mailigen to your Facebook and Twitter accounts to automatically post your campaigns on those networks. Build a new stream of potential customers with social media referral traffic, promote your profiles, create shareable links, and deliver your content to a wider audience.

Online Surveys. Create engaging online surveys and collect valuable feedback to make informed marketing decisions. Get detailed feedback from your audience so you can create better, more targeted email campaigns. You can also use the information to segment your emails, sending more personalized messages.

Real-Time Reports. Track opens, links clicked and who has unsubscribed; see exact reason for bounced emails; get specific email client, device and browser reports; discover where your readers are using GEO-location report; and more. Reports are downloadable as Excel spreadsheets or in PDF format.

Dedicated IP for Controlled Email Delivery. (Premium) If you send more than three campaigns per week with volumes greater than 5,000 emails per campaign to different ISP’s, use Mailigen’s dedicated IP address to: ensure email delivery reputation is protected; flawlessly deliver your emails to all the major ISPs; improve inbox placement of email messages; receive additional monitoring of your sender reputation; and maximize subscriber engagement for increased revenues.

Other Premium Services coming soon to Mailigen include Custom Email Template Design; Campaign Management; Email Marketing Auditing, and Subscriber Management.

User Experience

According to both website expert reviews and users, Mailigen consistently receives excellent reviews with Capterra rating them a 4.8, giving them a 4.5 score, and getting a 4.8 on GetApp.

The most commonly cited positive features on Mailigen by users include its low cost and excellent value for the generous number of tools, features, and send out limits you get. Customers also note the company’s responsive customer support, user-friendliness, accurate and extensive reporting capabilities, and very good job at syncing email with SMS campaigns that other email automation services generally lack.

Downsides are few, and include complaints such as the inability to withdraw the bulk emails once they’ve been sent out, web signup forms are not secured, fewer integrations than with other competitors, needs more options for generating dynamic content (basically limited to internal fields), and some minor bugs related to image and template editing.


Sign-up for their generous 30-day Free Trial, no credit card required. The free trial gives you full access to the platform with 100 free emails. Mailigen offers monthly or pay-­as-you-go email marketing plans on a wide scale, that vary based on the size of your contact list or the number of email credits that you purchase. You can choose to pay for plans via credit card or buying email credits.

Some of the Monthly plans offered include: 500 Subscribers for $10 ($8 per month if billed annually); 2,500 Subscribers for $25 ($20/month billed annually); 7,500 Subscribers for $50 ($40/month billed annually); 10,000 Subscribers for $60 ($48/month billed annually); 20,000 Subscribers for $104 ($83/month billed annually); 50,000 Subscribers for $200 ($160/month billed annually); 100,000 Subscribers for $400 ($320/month if billed annually); to 150,000 Subscribers for $555 ($444/month if billed annually).

High Volume pricing is also available for those whose lists comprise 185,000 to 1 million subscribers starting from $629 to $2600 per month. Meanwhile, lists of over 1 million can request a custom pricing quote.

Pay-As-You-Go plans, on the other hand, offer you the option of purchasing email credits ranging from 2500 for $40 to 100,000 for $400. Email Credits are valid for 12 months from the day of purchase and also allow you full access to Mailigen’s features.

Mailigen also offers to deliver your SMS campaigns (minimum of 1000 sendouts) for a low cost worldwide to more than 1800+ mobile operators in 200 countries. SMS costs will vary based on the mobile operator and country of destination. Total cost will be calculated at the moment of delivering SMS campaigns.

There are no long-term contracts with their Monthly plans. Annual is a 1-year contract. You can change your plan at any time. Furthermore, there are no additional charges. ALL features are included with your preferred plan.


If you’re a marketer interested in an email campaign auto-responder with good SMS and social media synchronizations, Mailigen is a good one to consider. Offering a comprehensive suite of straightforward, intuitive features so you don’t have to spend valuable time manually creating campaigns, Mailigen also has lots of advanced tools to help you craft more complex projects if need be. And with its very flexible plans, it’s pretty affordable for the kind of value you get. All of these features make Mailigen a well-rounded email marketing automation platform that is ideal for all businesses of any size.

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by Mel Nov 16, 2021
Mailigen by Pipedrive is a cloud-based integrated omnichannel marketing automation software and services platform for email, social media, and mobile. The company is notable among other marketing automation services for offering unlimited emails and other premium features for a reasonably affordable monthly subscription rate. Mailigen Read More
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