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Make appealing and attractive banners for your business, website or app through this tool and attract audience with your creativity.


My Banner Maker is a tool that allows you to portray your ideas in form of a banner. With extensive customization, you can make any kind of banner for your online business, website or app.

There a lot of modifications options for you to create a banner of your choice. You can either choose from hundreds of different templates available in the tool or you can create a custom sized banner according to your liking. The size of the banner can also be selected and adjusted to your needs.

Furthermore, you can change the color gradient in the background. You can choose different colors for the top half and the bottom half. The tool also allows the option to upload your own image as the background of the banner to make it more appealing.

In terms of texts, you can write up to 4 lines of words inside the banner. The tool allows you to modify the color and the size of the text, its opacity as well as the angle the text will be placed at. The modifications available also include the positioning of the text, whether it is vertically or horizontally.

To make the banner look more attractive, you can add borders to it by choosing a color and width that suit your needs. You can also add certain effects in the banner which include blinking text, glitter, blurry, edge detect, and even plastic wrap. The best part about these effects is that you can control the amount of them being displayed in the banner as well as their color.

Saving the banner is also quite simple. You can either download the banner to your desktop and upload it later to your Facebook or host it to your website.

You can choose among the following banner codes
• Normal banner – you can choose to show a code box below the banner. It can work on any website with HTML
• Post automatically with Gigya – Automatically posts the banner to any social media platform
• Forum Banner – Posts your banner on your forum that support BBcode

If you want to upload the banner on MySpace, you can choose the following banners instead:
• Extended Network Banner – Banner is displayed in the extended network box
• Header Banner – Banner is displayed above everything
• Masthead Banner – Banner displayed right below the menu
• Mast Head banner for profile 2.0 – Also shows the banner right below the profile menu on MySpace
• Masthead Banner for Musicians, Filmmakers, Comedians – Shows banner below the menu of artist profiles

User Experience

My Banner Maker is a pretty simple tool to use, allowing you to get your banner customized within minutes. It has a neat interface with every modification options displayed up front. It is indeed a great user-friendly tool.


My Banner Maker is free of cost but there will be an advert displayed at the bottom of your banner. If you want to get rid of that advert and the “Made with My Banner Maker” watermark, you will have to buy the site’s VIP membership for $25/year. The VIP membership has other benefits as well. For example, you can save your banners in your account, edit your saved banners anytime you want, get priority email and phone support from the developers, create custom-sized banners and be able to use Java Script or any other protocol in your links.


My Banner Maker is a great tool for making free banners that you can subsequently use for various online marketing purposes. You can create all kinds of flashy banners to capture your audience’s attention and possibly to convert those extra ad views into more profit. With rather extensive modification options, My Banner Maker is definitely the online marketing tool that you’ll need.

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New Ad Tool Added: My Banner Maker

Dec 29, 2015
Make appealing and attractive banners for your business, website or app through this tool and attract audience with your creativity. My Banner Maker Read More
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