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Get your content translated into any language you want within just one hour.


One Hour Translation offers professional translation for any kind of content you need, including specialized subjects, within just one hour. One Hour Translation’s industry expertise includes

1. Legal/Certificate
2. Business/Forex/Finance
3. Marketing/Customer
4. Adwords/Banners
5. Gaming/Video Games
6. Mobile Applications
7. Travel/Tourism
8. Automotive/Aerospace
9. Scientific/Academic
10. Medical
11. Software/Information Technology (IT)
12. Technical/Engineering
13. Curriculum vitae (CV)
14. Patents

With the ability to translate 200 words per hour, you are guaranteed to get your content quickly translated with One Hour Translation. You can also upload your content in any format. As the website offers over 250+ languages, you can even choose multiple languages for your content to be translated into. By using One Hour Translation, it guaranteed that you can get high quality human translation for any content you wish to translate.

In addition to its translation services, the website also offers some extra services which include Language Solutions, Translation API, Desktop Publishing Services (DTP), Proofreading, and Transcription.

User Experience

One Hour Translation is the perfect tool to get your content translated in no time. Uploading your content for translation is pretty simple and easy to do. You need to follow just 4 simple steps to get your content translated: choose a language and an expert type, upload your files to their system, and the translator will get started on your project. This is all it takes to get your project started.
If you encounter any problems, you can call or email their customer support any time to get your queries answered. The support provided is available 24/7 and the response time is pretty good. Moreover, you can also track your project progress and chat with the person in charge of the translation of your content.


One Hour Translation offers great prices for their services. You can get your content translated by two methods that include Classic and Exclusive. Their rates are as follows.

Classic (Includes common language pairs)
• General Translation = 0.079$/word
• General Translation + Proof reading = 0.135$/word
• Expert Translation = 0.139$/word
• Expert Translation + Proof Reading = 0.239$/word

Exclusive (Includes less common language pairs)
• General Translation = 0.149$/word
• General Translation + Proof reading = 0.249$/word
• Expert Translation = 0.179$/word
• Expert Translation + Proof Reading =0.269$/word


One Hour Translation is a great way to get your content translated accurately and professionally. By offering quality human translation and fast delivery, it is one of the best websites to go to for translation purposes.

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Dec 11, 2015
Get your content translated into any language you want within just one hour. One Hour Translation Read More
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