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Get your content converted into a QR code with this easy to use QR Code Generator.


QR Code Generator enables you to convert your data in QR codes which are easily scanned by any smart phone or tablet. The data you can convert, along with the functions of these codes, are listed below:

1. URL – Opens the URL after scanning
2. VCard – Saves contact details on smart phones
3. Text – Displays any static text
4. Email – Sends an email with pre-defined text
5. SMS – Sends a message with pre-defined text
6. Facebook – Displays a Facebook button
7. PDF – Displays a PDF
8. MP3 – Plays a MP3 file
9. App Stores – Redirects the user to different app stores
10. Images – Shows an image gallery
11. Multi URL – Opens different URL depending on location and time

You can also generate dynamic codes through QR Code Generator. These codes allow you to change the data or the information they contain at any time, even after printing. Moreover, you can get codes generated in JPG, EPS, PNEG and SVG format too.

QR Code Generator allows maximum customization to the user. You can choose any template for your code and place your logo on the code in any position you want. The tool even allows you to change the background and the foreground color of your code to make it look more appealing to the audience. You can also change the eye color and shape in the code.

QR Code Generator has a remarkable tracking feature. To avail this feature, all you need to do is scan your code with your device and download it to your account. After a few minutes, the tool will show you an analysis of all scans received within a time period. You can also view all the countries in which your code was scanned, with a list of top ten countries as well as cities. The tracking feature even shows a pie chart of the operating systems used to scan your code. All this data can help you modify your code to maximize its effectiveness.

User Experience

With its simple interface, QR code generator is quite easy to use. All you need to do is to upload your content, choose the customization you want, and apply it in just a click. The code generator takes a few minutes to generate your code. Once done, your QR code is ready for you to use.

Moreover, the user-friendly code-tracking feature is really useful for you to analyze the success rate of your QR code. This enables users to make the necessary modifications to bump up the effectiveness of their codes.


QR Code Generator offers its services at very reasonable rates. You can test and try generating the QR codes for free in a trial period of 14 days. After that, you will have to choose a monthly plan to get the QR codes you’ve designed. The plans’ prices and services are listed below.

Professional (37.50 Euros/month for annual payment, otherwise 45 euros/month)
• Unlimited Logo and Design Codes
• Unlimited Static QR codes
• 250 Dynamic QR codes
• Unlimited scans
• 5 Users

Advanced (12.50 Euros/month with annual payment)
• 50 logo and design codes
• Unlimited static QR codes
• 50 Dynamic QR codes
• Unlimited Scans
• 2 Users

Starter (5 Euros/month with annual payment)
• 2 logo and design codes
• Unlimited static QR codes
• 2 Dynamic QR codes
• 10000 scans

You’ll gain access to all the features listed in the plan you’ve purchased as soon as you make the online payment. You can also choose to upgrade your plan later on if you’d like. This tool offers custom (and possibly, much cheaper) plans for non-profit organizations as well. To cancel a plan for QR Code Generator, a simple email would suffice.


In the modern era of smart phones, people don’t like to type stuff. They want the fastest and the easiest way to access something that they are interested in. Thus, with QR Code Generator, you can advertise your site/offers in a much more effective way as it allows you to analyze and customize your codes to your liking. With its great interface and remarkable rates, QR Code Generator is a perfect tool for online marketing.

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Dec 14, 2015
Get your content converted into a QR code with this easy to use QR Code Generator. QR Code Generator Read More
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