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Make the most of Twitter. Use it to enhance your engagement and brand awareness on one of the biggest social media platforms by keeping up on trends, scheduling posts, and managing a team.


Tweetdeck is Twitter’s own social media management system, although it only works for, well, Twitter. The features you can find are simple but practical and necessary:

Brand awareness and engagement – Tweetdeck allows you to perform a variety of functions that are related to building a brand, marketing, and PR. For example:

  • Find all mentions about your brand

  • Be notified if someone has tweeted, liked, shared, favorited, or replied to your Twitter post

  • Know the people and companies that have been following you

  • Learn what’s trending

  • Check out content you can use to create your own content or share to your network to further increase your engagement

Since these types of information are received in real time, you will know how well your brand is engaging to your target audience, if you’re reaching the right people, and if there’s a possible PR or marketing nightmare. The downside is unlike some social media management websites, Tweetdeck doesn’t have analytics.

Organization – With millions of tweets every single day, it’s hard to filter content. However, Tweetdeck is making is easy. You can:

  • Create lists, which can be a hashtag

  • Collect certain tweets and place them in one area

  • Remove and add as many columns as you like

  • Clear content for all or selected column types

Monitoring – Tweetdeck also lets you schedule a Tweet, and the process is easy. Simply compose a tweet and indicate your ideal time and date. Although you can log to Tweetdeck using only one Twitter account, you can add other Twitter accounts once you’re already in the dashboard. This is essential if your business is composed of various departments or brands that have their respective Twitter account.

User Experience

To access Tweetdeck, you need a Twitter account. In case you don’t have Twitter, signing up is 100 percent free, quick, and easy. It’s also fast to get into Tweetdeck’s dashboard after signing in.

The dashboard or interface is simple and straightforward. You will see initial columns like Home, Notifications, Messages, and Activity. Under the Add Column (represented by the plus sign), you can add more classifications such as Users, Likes, List, Scheduled, Collections, Followers, and Trending.

If you wish to remove either or all of the columns, click the button on the upper-right-hand side for each of the columns and select Remove. You can also clear whatever information is found there.

While the dashboard allows you to see all the information you think are valuable or important, it can get crowded and cluttered, especially once you add more column types. Further, as a newbie, you may find it difficult to navigate through the different columns to check out information.


Tweetdeck is completely for free, which makes it attractive to marketers, especially those who don’t have comprehensive social media scheduling needs, are starting with social media management, or are looking for easy-to-use and simple platforms.


Tweetdeck is the tool you need if you want to maximize Twitter’s functionality and use as a platform to build a brand and engage an audience, as well as organize the tweets you send and receive. It is also helpful if you like to monitor your brand perception in Twitter and communicate with other Twitter users, including your target audience. When you want to build your audience, Tweetdeck is important to find and share user-created content, as well as build your own using information you get from Twitter. Most of all, this simple platform allows you to get a general idea of your brand’s perception among your target audience and know potential trends related to your industry or brand.

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by Milafel Dec 6, 2016
Use Tweetdeck to enhance your engagement and brand awareness on one of the biggest social media platforms by keeping up on trends, scheduling posts, and managing a team. Tweetdeck Read More
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